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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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break news at 6 -- breaking news at 6 crews battling the flames in saugus we are live on scene with the latest. >> north korea says it has successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. >> a mother facing charges after leek her 8-month-old alone -- leaving her 8 month old alone in a cold car. >> john henry apologizing for the globe delivery problems. the new move promising a quick fix. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 6 a.m. great to have you here i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. wednesday january 6th and it's another cold start out there.
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>> at least the wind is not as strong so it makes a difference. real feel is 19 degrees in boston. so, we don't have subzero readings like 24 hours ago. thee degrees in keene and that's actually what the temperature is too. so the wind is gone calm and in a few communities and -- communities and 5 in nashua and 17 lashes and upper 20s in -- 17 lawrence and upper 20s in boston. look at satellite and radar. crystal clear skies and once the sun comes up we are in for full sunshine from start to finish. so don't forget the shades. teens this morning kids need to be bundled up. sunrise at 7:13 this morning and a nice rebound mid-pos by -- mid-30s by lunchtime and 40 touring the -- during the afternoon clear and quiet for the ride home. sunset at 4:27 temperatures in the mid-30s. more on the weather coming up. let's go on the road with traffic and weather together hi. >> reporter: hi. a couple accidents north of the city that are really messing up things right now.
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here as we look live over route 1 in saugus. the crash is on route 1 southbound inn sawing out near he is sex -- essex street. left land is -- lane is blocked creating a backup to the lynn fells parkway. right lane is closed near essex street due to the ongoing fire. we will hear more about that in a couple seconds. to the north an accident in andover 94 3* southbound at 495. stop and go back up to route 110. to the south the expressway northbound bumper to bumper from east milton square to columbia road. 128 southbound stalls between logan express and the split. chris. as you mentioned, fire crews still battling some fierce flames and frigid temperatures. >> we are trying to get information. let's go to nicole jab jacobs who is live -- jacobs who is live on the scene whafnlt can you tell us. >> reporter: we are live -- scene. what you tell us. >> reporter: we are live on
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1. it's an incredibly active scene with flames shooting from the building. again essex street here. we do know that we have seen saugus fire crews as well as melrose and maldin so many a lot of help going into the situation right now. i want to get you to video from a short time ago and you can see flames piercing from the building. very little information that we are able to get right now because those who are the bearer of the information are working quickly to fight the fire. we do have unconfirmed reports that at one point there might have been a firefighter in trouble. we are working to confirm that information and bring you more as the fire and information continues to develop. taking another live look you can see the smoke billowing from the essex street home. i can tell you on the way into the area we could see the smoke miles away. so certainly a very active
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saugus will we will bring you more as soon as we get it. for now live in saugus nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> also developing right now, north korea says it has bomb. causing alarm around the world this morning. hi bree. >> reporter: good morning chris. united nations security council will hold a emergency meeting this morning but at this point the white house says that it cannot confirm north korea surprise announcement that they tested a hydrogen bomb. an earthquake measuring between 4.8 and 5.1 on the richter scale was detected near a known north korean nuclear test site. north korean state tv called the event a perfect success. siting its right to defend itself against u.s. hostility. if confrms it would further isolate north korea and leader kim jong un. neighboring countries and the
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against the country for pursuing a nuclear program. >> real danger for the united states is whether or not north korea has intentions to demonstrate their capabilities as far as the pacific. >> reporter: south korean spies report that this could have hydrogen. north korea tested its adam three times. if confirmed this would be the first hydrogen bomb test. the bombs are bigger than atom bombs. >> thanks very much. 6:05. call it a cold reality for the t riders hoping for better commute this morning after some weather related issues. susie sometimeel is live -- steimle is live at the boston station and ride verse been frustrate. >> reporter: they have been andin the first real test the mbta failed again in the court of public opinion. people were delayed for several hours trying to get to work.
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considers fair hikes asking people to pay more to ride. most nbta ride -- mbta riders are not surprised that doesn't make them more understanding. >> last year taught us to have lower expectation until otherwise proven did havely. >> reporter: at a press conference filled with apologies stephanie pol l.a. ack ex-- pollack explained the track problems was a result of the cold weather. >> understand being prepared for winter doesn't mean there will be no service disruption whatsoever. cold weather makes tracks brittle and brittle tracks are more likely to experience problems. >> reporter: the mbta had buses on stand by in anticipation of track issues. something commuters are budgeting time for as well. >> very poorly run. we-- i have to leave my house an extra hour early every day to prepare for breakdowns between the commuter rail and mbta. >> reporter: this as the mbta
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>> prices keep going up, it's very expensive. something like $300 a month for and it's unacceptable. >> reporter: the probable-- >> the problems with the system didn't occur in the space of a year or two, and they can't comprehensively be solved in a year or two. >> reporter: yesterday's delays commute. things went smoothly in the afternoon and the secretary of transportation offered a number of apologies for the delays yesterday morning. remains to be even if today's cold weather will have any impact on service. hive at south station. susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. it's 6:07 on your wednesday morning. bella bond's mother will be arraigned in superior court. rachelle bond is charged with accessory after the fact. her boyfriend michael mccarthy is facing murder charges in the death of the 2-year-old girl whose body washed-up on deer island in june and went unidentified for months.
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court psychologist says the 21-year-old woman accused of kidnapping a toddler she baby sat for is not competent to understand court proceedings. yesterday a -- yesterday a judge order abigail hanna to a mental hilt if a session. in november she broke into the girl's hamilton home and kidnapped her. the child was found miles away alone beaten and not wearing growths investigators are look into the san bernardino mass shooting are trying to piece together the timeline of the shooters whereabouts the day of the killings. police accounted for all but 18 minutes of that timeline. syed farook and tashfeen malik killed 14 people at a social services center on december 2nd. friend of the attackers who bought the assault rifle will appear in court to answer to gun immigration and terror charges. president obama gets emotional as he says we can no longer wait for congress to act on gun violence. the president announced he will
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loopholes on background checks and add more staff to get them done. boston mayor walsh attended the speech in which the president shed tears talking about the sandy hook tragedy and inaction of congress to tighten gun laws. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad and by the way it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> being in the room today was powerful with so many survivors it was incredible and you can see the emotion in-- feel the emotion in the room and see the emotion and how much this mean to the president to make sure action happens here. so, i certainly standing with him while he finishes out his presidency. >> walsh says the president invited him to the announcement because of the success of boston's gun buy back program and town haul meetings with law enforcement around new england. john henry apologizing for delivery issues with the boston globe. in a new letter released last
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recognize you depend on us. and that we have let you down. many of the people who support journalism in the region have been slapped in the face simply trying to get their daley newspapers. -- daley newspapers -- daily newspaper. they are bringing by a the old distributor and will share duties with the new distributor that they hired to bring down costs. the globe says this should quickly restore service apparently the new distributor's software plot the roots so -- routes so inefficient drivers quit. coming up, the new addition to the red sox that has a lot of people talking. >> and a mother facing charges this morning after police say she left her baby in a freezing cold car. what the bab yea father is telling wbz. good morning danielle. >> good morning kathryn and everybody. aid cold start not as chilly as subzero wind chills yesterday. we will gradually rise through the 20s into the 30s and even near 40 by later on this afternoon. sunshine. i will take you through the weekend when we come back.
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follow breaking news this morning. nicole jacobs is live on the scene of a big fire in saugus a three alarm causing traffic issues in the area. we will update you on this when
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red sox making a big addition to the team wally is not the only mascot. >> he has a sister. testie made the big debut in this online -- tessie made the big debut in this on loon video. he flies back to boston and tessie is coming along too. she is adorable. she has the eyelashes going on and pigtails enthusiasm. >> most importantly the red sox shirt. >> and i like the skirt. she is cute long lost sister can't wait for her to. >> she will be back up here soon. >> they were enjoying florida. >> wouldn't we all like to head down to florida. >> i am not sure everyone someone has to enjoy the bitter cold. not as chilly as yesterday morning. and the arctic air is going to retreat. it's a dry quiet stretch through the end of the week. our next storm threat is this
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saturday looks like the pick of the weekend and sunday looks like it's going to be wet too with areas of rain and temperatures up around 50 dragging from the warmer air. 27 in wofton right now -- boston right now 3 in keene and 17 in lawrence so it's another cold start not as chilly for most of us as it was at this time yesterday. and a big variation in temperatures because of the wind. it's gone calm where we can cool things off and that's where we are in the single digits. real feel is 19 in boton but not subzero like yesterday. skies are clear and they will stay clear. look at that. all the way back up to the canadian border. so it's mostly sunny i cross the northeast and a big area of high pressure. that blue h the fair weather cell in charge today and tomorrow and another mostly sunny day and we make a good rebound after starting in the single digits this morning for some of us back up to 40 this afternoon and tomorrow we come
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really going to be quite pleasant by winter standards with a light wind highs in the low 40s tomorrow. friday we start with sun but then a deck of low clouds comes in off the ocean. so, i do anticipate skies turning overcast mostly cloudy and for friday we should stay dry and then this we be end moisture will come back no play. so, where do we go from here? numbers up around 40 above average this afternoon. 38 in worcester. 37afterry and lower 30s from plymouth to the cape overnight tonight won't be as cold as this morning. some of the coldest temperatures the outlying areas may drop into the teens. but it's generally low to mid- 20s for most of us and highs tomorrow, back into the 40s we boston. 5 to 10 degrees above average. and becoming cloudy on friday but up around 40. now saturday morning, there may be just a little bit of moisture that may cause light
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that time frame early on saturday and otherwise the rest of the day is dry and sunday up near 50 but areas of rain likely looks like it's going to be a soggy one and we dry out for the start of next week and temperatures will cool back off to in the 30s by tuesday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: i guess we are lucky the pats are not playing next until -- until next saturday because it will be rany and miserable. >> sunday looks like it will be wet. >> reporter: good-bye week. we have a lot going on danielle. problems north of the city due to a fire and accident. that is live look over route 1 in saugus. there's a crash on route 1 southbound near essex street the left lane is blocked. backup is to lynn fells parkway a 10ment delay. northbound side of route 1 in saugus the off-ramp to essex street is closed due to the building fire up there. also to the north we have an accident in andover 93 southbound near 495. traffic on 93 southbound backed up from 93 to route 28. we are hearing about a crash in
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lowell connector. left lane is blocked backup to route 110 and to the south let's look at what's going on down there. the expressway is jammed east milton square to columbia road a 15 minute delay and 128 southbound crawls between logan express and the split. chris. >> thanks very much. for a mother now facing charges this morning after police say she went shopping at wrentham outlets and let her baby freezing in the car the girl 18 months old. >> the father says it is just a big mistake. bree is here with more. >> reporter: dad says there's a language barrier and the mother didn't fully understand that what she was doing was wrong. police however say with temperatures in the 20s, she should have known better. >> the baby is really good. she is not hurt. >> reporter: wbz found the father of an infant left alone in a car. he didn't want his face shown but calls the incident a mistake. did she say why she left the baby.
6:18 am
outside because it was really cold. >> reporter: the mother 27-year- old yao liu is originally from china and speaks broken english. didn't. she don't know. >> unattended 8-month-old in a around. >> reporter: police say the 8- month-old was in a cold mini cooper for about 10 minutes parked in a handicapped space outside the nike store. just before 1 p.m. they received a 911 call from a woman who heard the baby crying. >> there's a baby in a car not attended to. crying. >> how old is the baby. >> i don't know like 6 months old 8 months. i don't-- it's tiny. you can really get someone out here. >> they are on their way. >> reporter: the baby was checked out at norwood hospital and is fine. the mother who lives in east providence received a summons to court for neglect and parking in handicapped space. rhode island department of children's and families has been notified. now back to you. >> thanks very much.
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gearing up for another playoff push. >> yeah how the team plans to make good use of the first round bye. >> plus black and bruised the bruins taking a beat egging at home against the best hockey team in the east. >> we follow breaking news right now for you. here's a live look over the scene of a massive house fire in saugus right over route 1 on essex street that is three alarm fire. very active and we will get an update from nicole jacobs
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welcome back patriots back playoffs. >> bad news for the bruins. levan reid has more. >> good morning. in the bruins found themselves
6:21 am
needed to get a winter race and they were playing the capitals the best team in the eastern conference and their goaled goalie owns the bruin. taking on the them quaid is plastered into the glass. he goes down in a heap and staying down for a while. and helped off the ice and didn't return bruins saying he has a upper body injury. bruins get on the board. connally to erickson and light the lamp. holtby. same score same period demitry hit the post but johansson beats him on the rebound and it's 3-1 capitals. and the lead is cut to one but with 35 seconds left holtby makes two big saves and he has 25 sabes and the capitals they
6:22 am
to foot football and patriots back in foxborough watching film and will get on the practice field but they won't have a team to get ready for and that's part of the beauty of a by week in the post season. but that begs the question, what exactly will the guys be doing all week long. >> really trying to get better. you don't know how you will play or what the future holds but there's things to get better at as a team and that's what we will focus on. >> take the time and focus on yourself and go out and just try to figure out what your weaknesses are and try to make the weaknesses not as weak and you know try to go in there and become a better player. >> the week is about us and about you know getting back to the basics finding ways to execute better and doing the little things a little better and you know then from there once we find out who we are playing it will be more about game plan and things of that nature. >> let's hope the pats come out better than against miami. that's sports this morning.
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lots more coming up in the next half-hour. one new england lawmaker wants to lower the drinking age but there's a catch. >> new this morning, wegman's issuing a big recall. we have details. >> and we follow breaking news for you this morning. crews battling a huge fire in saugus this is on essex street off route 1. see a live view from skyeye right now. the intense flames thick smoke and we will have a live report coming up next. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking,
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breaking now is at 6:30. these are live images of crews battling fierce flames in frigid temperatures in saugus off route one we are live on the scene with the latest. >> north korea says it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. >> more trouble for the t. frustrated riders hoping for better commute this morning after a string of delays. >> from the channel 4 stewed
6:27 am
this morning. >> good morning to you it's 6:30 on a wednesday morning. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser it's another cold start but not as bad and yesterday. amazing when there's less wind to take the bite out of things. >> the wind is where it is calm where we are in the single digits. depends where you are. the real feel is 19 degrees in boston. but notice single dimming readings from nashua to keene and taunton where the temperatures are as well. so the wind is calm in spots. 27 at logan airport but 17 in lawrence and 18 falmouth and saturdayel lie -- satellite and radar are calm. solar glare may be the only thing we contend w sunrise at 7:13. light west southwest breeze. taking through the midday lunch hour a cloudless sky and a nice rebound about 36 as we head throughout the afternoon. we will top out right around 40 degrees this afternoon with
6:28 am
conditions. sunset at 4:27 and temperatures in the mid-30s. i will take you through the week end in a couple minutes. details on moisture that we are looking at as we head into saturday but especially on sunday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: we have a not of -- lot of problems including a bunchp accidents and fire impacting traffic. latest crash is in andover. up to the right of the screen. 495 southbound near 93 the shoulder is blocked. stop and go backup is route 114 a 15ment delay. then down to the left of the screen route 3 southbound in lowell at lowell connector left lane is blocked because of a crash. backup is route 110 and get a 10 minute delay there. and then the ongoing problem on route 1 in saugus a live look over route 1 right now. there was a crash on the southbound side near essex street. that backup is to lynnfield tunnel.
6:29 am
>> that's right the fires crews in saugus are battling fierce flames. >> and smoke two. nicole jacobs is live on the scene. what have you learned so far. >> reporter: well, very few details because as you can see firefighters are extremely busy. just in the last few minutes we have seen the flames ramp up and that's what they have been doing for the better part of an hour and a half and they have die down and they will ramp up again. dozens of firefighters are fighting the fire flames spearing from the roof of the video you can get a overhead look of the scene. this is off route one in saukous and as you heard in the traffic report the essex street ramp is closed. melrose and malden and saugus
6:30 am
a lot of mutual aid into fighting fire it reached three alarms but the flames are just incredibly stubborn and crews pour water onto this building. taking another live look here you can see still, relent lust work going into this as fire the flames under control. i can tell you that at some point we are hearing that there are unconfirmed reports that a firefighter had trouble at one point while fighting the fire again that is unconfirmed and we will continue to work to get that information confirmed for you. that's the latest from saugus nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a very active scene thanks for the update. developing news this morning, north korea claiming it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. the announcement was made on north korean state tv. news anchor calling it "a perfect success." the test triggered a 5.1
6:31 am
south korean spy agency says north korea may have tested an a bomb not an h-bomb. the mother of bella -- the mother of bella bond will be arraigned in court charging with an accessory to murder-- chargeed with being an accessory to murder after the fact. her boyfriend michael mccarthy is facing murder charges. hill be a-- he will be arraigned on monday. cold reality for the t. riders hoping for better commute this morning after some weather related issues yesterday. susie steimle is live at boston south station. riders have to be frustrated with the performance so far. >> reporter: they have been so far things today have gone ready smoothly. there's one cancellation on the lowell line and that's due to mechanical issue but nothing compared to what customers saw yesterday. and that was delays all over the place due to the cold snap.
6:32 am
is will this persist throughout the winter season. essentially the answer is yes. we hear from the transportation secretary stephanie pollack at a press conference yesterday and she said electionly we are dealing with age -- essentially we are dealing with aging infrastructure and when the weather is cold there's not much they can do. they are doing what they can in terms of trying to preinvestigate this or get ahead of -- prevent this or get ahead of it by testing the tracks and having bus on stand by in the event delays happen. so that made some of the delays not as long as they could have been yesterday. but, customers say they are very frustrated. >> last year taught us to have lower expectations until otherwise proven differently. >> prices keep going up and it's expensive something like 300 dollars a month for all this and it's unacceptable. >> reporter: the problems-- >> the problems with the system didn't occur in the space of a year or two and they can't comprehensively be solved in year or two.
6:33 am
talking at the press conference about the infrastructure issues and how money is the way they will solve that problem. one consideration is raising fare hikes which of course riders don't like the idea of. live at the south station susie steimle. >> now the daily talker. new hampshire lawmakers considering a bill giving a new term to the bill drinking buddies. >> the proposal allows 18-year- old to consume alcohol along as an adult is supervising them. >> reporter: the state rep who find the -- filed the bill says every other western country has a drinking air of 19 or lower. they think it's time to allow people between 18 and 20 to have beer or wine but only if a grownup is willing to keep an eye on them. republican max abramson of sea brook told sea coast online said country where they drink legally the teen alcoholism
6:34 am
lawmaker says it's absurbed i can't offer my own child a glass of winech the proposal would allow 18 to 20-year-old to drink in the company of someone over the age of 21. but no hard liquor is exclueded -- is excluded. opponents include new hampshire police chiefs and one said the idea see dick louse. he compares it to parties -- ridiculous. he compares it to parties where parents allow underage drinkingand try to supervise it. now a lot of reaction coming in on this one. john on twitter questions why "they can defend our freedom but cannot drink a beer. but constanceine says i disagree and this active contributes to the illness that alcoholic consumption. interesting. comment too the website twitter hear from you.
6:35 am
during the morning show comment all day long. >> thanks very much. 6:37 right now. coming up, news to affect your lunch and dinner. >> big recall from wegmans. we have the details for you. >> also ahead, shoveling snow doesn't bray smile to most faces but this might. the video making the rounds
6:36 am
from i love this song to go along with this. everybody has to find a way to clear the snow and a squirrel was caught on camera doing that. >> this video is a big hit on line showing it pushing off the snow from the wire as he tries to move across from point "a" to point "b" little difficult. >> efficient and effective. >> hey at least we are not talking about the snow. some people probably want to talk about the snow with skis. >> and it's funny yesterday all kind of depending where you were with the cold some places no snow and someplace as couple inches. >> no snow today but you are right. it was ocean effect bands that were localized and were so cold this morning it's not as chilly.
6:37 am
were 24 hours ago. checking in with weather bug network hive look at temperatures cold across the board but a wide range and we are 8 degrees at charleston street school. hillside school in marlboro at 13 and in lynn it's at 22 degrees right now. city of boston is a mild spot all relative. 27 at logan airport but single digit readings wind chill depends where you are. wind is calm in spots but the real feel is 19 in the city of the boston. yesterday. don't forget the shades. solar glare may be the only thing we contend with today. skies are clear overhead and there's a big area of high pressure and i think we will see a cloudless sky from start to finish today. clear skies again tonight and in fact we may get a nice rebound today and coming up to around 40 degrees. and our third day features mostly sunny skies as well and a nice winter afternoon low 40s
6:38 am
tomorrow that won't make it feel as cold. friday we get an onshore wind that takes hold. and this will have implications on the forecast because watch what happens. 8:30 friday morning. and we are starting with some sunshine. but as that wind comes in off the ocean we will get low level moisture that moves in. so a. deck of the low clouds is going to fill in and he think we turn overcast for much of the day on friday although we should stay dry. and moisture doesn't come until weekend. saturday looks like the pick and sunday features areas of rain but mild temperatures up around 50 degrees. so 40 today not to bad. ship across the board. norua at 39 later this afternoon and upper 30s from the worcester hills to fitchburg and jaffrey and keene and southwest wind at 5 to 15 miles per hour for most of us. lower 40s the warmer spot across new england from plymouth to the south coast. and the cape and islands. mostly clear tonight.
6:39 am
26 downtown and light southwest wind and tomorrow, sunshine with just a couple clouds mixed in. looks like a nice day. # 2 degrees. keep in mind 42 is relative. we should be in the mid-30s. so above average daylight and variable wind. cloudy on friday temperatures around 40 degrees. and there may be just a little bit of a light mix across the far interior on saturday morning. that's a one thing to watch this weekend. we drag in milder air and temperatures will be near 50 with areas of rain on sunday and looks like it will be pretty soggy and then monday and tuesday we cool back down and dry back out. traffic and weather together robei. >> reporter: still a lot problems north of the city due to accident and the fire in saugus. we have a crash in andover 495 southbound at 93. the backup is to 114 a delay he of 15 minutes. and lowell a crash on route 3 southbound at lowell connector. backup to route 110. a 10 hadn't delay there.
6:40 am
route 1 in saugus this has been a problem all morning. on the southbound side we have street. traffic is backed up now to 95. that's a half-hour delay. and on the northbound side very important the off-ramp from route 1 northbound in saugus to essex street is still closed chris. >> thanks very much. breaking news. crews battling a big fire in saugus. this is on essex street off of route one in saukous. the fire -- saugus. carl stevens was told everyone got out safely. we have a crew live at the scene and we will follow this for you throughout the morning and bring you updates as we get them. it's 6:45. checking other top stories north korea claiming it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. >> the announcement was made on north korean state tv
6:41 am
south korean spy claims north korea tested an a-bomb not a h- bomb. u.n. security council will hold an emergency meter later this morning. bella bond's mother will be arraigned today. rachelle bond is charged with accessory to murder after thefactch the hill girl he's body washed-up on -- girl's body washed-up and went unidentified for months. a rhode island mother faces charges after police say she left her baby in a car while she went shopping at the wrentham outlits. --lets. -- outlets he. a passer-by saw the baby crying and called the police. the baby is okay. the department of children and families has been notified. a new turn in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. a massachusetts judge granted an emergency motion delaying camille cosby from testifying against her husband. she was set to testify today in springfield. the move gives her lawyers time
6:42 am
the case. a new hampshire woman says she was forced to fire at a man who was trying to rob her. the 65-year-old manchester grandmother was una-- on her way home from work monday when shes ined she was being followed. the car stayed behind her all the way to her apartment complex when she started to walk to her door. she says the man snuck up from behind her and tried to grab her. i. >> i just become i just shot and got him up in the area here. >> did he fall to the ground. >> right away. >> the man she shot was taken by friends to the hospital he >> a waltham school will be leak. only staff was inside the school yesterday morning when someone smelled the gas. student were not allowed inside and were bused to another middle school for the day. crews worked through the day to picks the-- fix the problem. a scare for two students on a school bus in worcester a car
6:43 am
broke free and then hit the bus before careening into a hair salon. kids were not hurt and the bus what little bit of damage and the tow driver will be charged properly. delivery issues. in a letter released last night henry said we recognize you let you down. many of the people who support journalism in the region have been slapped in the face trying to get the daily newspaper. the boston globe is now bringing back it's old distributor. the company will share duties with the new distributor. globe hired them to bring down cost and the globe says this should quickly restore service the new distributor software plotted routes so inefficient drivers quit. an important recall. wegmans says more than a thousand pounds of chicken was sent to stores without inspection. the department of agriculture says that the untested chicken products were made on sunday
6:44 am
in massachusetts new york and four other states and contain the code estimated or p7567 inside the usda mark. you can return the chicken to the store for a full refund. we have a link on the website for anyone who wants to check that out. still ahead this morning, the teacher giving a lesson on the latest dance moves. is on the rise. what to do to increase your odds of winning. with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. emmerson college growing the -- joining the growing list of schools banning hover boards. not only prohibiting them on sidewalks but also in residence halls and airlines have banned them over concerns they could catch fire. kai wrotey in precare out -- coyote is in a precarious situation. it has a plastic jar on its head. officers are looking for it and hope to help the animal out so if you happen to see it let them know. poor guy. the power ball drawing is tonight and the jackpot if you didn't hear is now up to 450 million dollars. >> and the odds may not be in your favor to wint whole thing
6:48 am
lotto officials say pooling your money with coworkers raising the odds slightly and they recommend you put down rules in writing for splitting the prize before the drawing. and, of course, we will have numbers on the wbz news at 11. >> let's get the office poolgoing. time for a closer look on what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> good morning to you. ahead on cbs this morning seth done is tracking the latest on north korea's claims it conducted a hydrogen bomb test and we will talk with national security analyst about the danger of the test and what it means to the u.s. news is back in the morning. we will see you 7:00 on the dot. >> thank you very much gale. up next -- gayle. up next a teacher busting the move with his class but could he keep up? danielle. >> looks like it. he has pretty good moves. in the meantime another chilly start and we make a nice rebound this afternoon. we will be up around 40 degrees really for the next several days and a nice winter pattern
6:49 am
we will wrap things up together when we come back. stay with us. with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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want to update you on breaking news out of saugus. crews battling the house fire. look at live pictures from skyeye right now over the scene. this is on essex street just
6:51 am
saugus fire chief tells us that three firefighters had to be pulled to safety from the burning building and they are all okay. you can see the flames kind of reigniting here as well. this is right now on the scene we will bring you updates throughout the morning as new information comes into the wbz newsroom. >> and nicole jake os saying you could see the smoke for miles and the peckture is telling. in other news the ultimate in school spirit. in the atlanta teacher getting a lot of attention. >> showing off dance moves alongside his students. take a look. >> this is ron clark attempting to dance to the do it like me challenge that's gone viral. he and his students nail the could go or if i and you could dance like that chris show off your moves sometimes. >> sometimes. he is keeping up with them and okay that move right there is the one you are like okay he can pick a it down it wasn't just like these students are super talented too.
6:52 am
>> looks like they had fun. >> i wonder how long it took them to come together. >> i am sure they had fun. >> you have to dance like that to stay warm. >> oh. >> at love people look like that going to the car. >> thankfully the wind not as strong but single digits teens and 20s and nice rebound. we will be up around 40 this afternoon. bright sunshine today and again tomorrow and we turn a little unsettled sunday looks like the wettest weekend day but we will be up around 50. >> thanks danielle. cbs this morning is next on wbz. see you back here for an update on the fire in 25 minutes.
6:53 am
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